What these men did with this girl is disgusting. But how the witnesses reacted was unbelievable.

It was a perfectly normal, sunny day. The streets in the city center were busy, people waited for buses, shuffled down the sidewalk, did their shopping, and went about their daily routines.

Two young women were chatting at a bus stop when a black sedan pulled up. A group of young men jumped out and headed for the two women. Suddenly they grabbed one of them and carried her kicking and screaming back to their car…

The whole scene appears to be some kind of strange dream or a bad joke. But for thousands of young women around the world this kind of scenario is exactly the fate they suffer. It’s called “bride kidnapping” and it’s a so-called “tradition” that is still practiced in some countries in central Asia. There are no official statistics that reveal just how rampant the problem is, but human rights organizations