17 Photos That Are So Perfectly Timed, You Just Have To Look Twice


One of the most important aspects of photography is timing. Sometimes a great photo can take hours of patience, and at other times, a great photo can happen almost by accident. In either case, the timing of the shot is often what separates an ordinary picture from something truly stunning. Check out these examples to see what I mean.

1. Trapped in a bubble.

2. A metamorphosis.

3. Santa’s reindeer looks a little different…

4. Caught snacking.

5. Mighty Mouse!

6. A “ghost ship” peeks out of the San Francisco fog.

7. Hey man, owls get married too.

8. View of Times Square.

9. Dragonfly: Reality vs Tattoo.

10. Supermoon seen in Dubai.

11. A truly fiery beauty.

12. What a flock.

13. What long arms you have.

14. Uh oh…

15. That’s quite a sail.

16. This cloud looks like a dragon.

17. Now that’s timing!

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