10 Electronic Cigarette Studies That EVERYONE Should Read


It’s comical to see all these “professional” news sources posting articles and videos that attempt to demonize vaping, and making multiple claims that have been refuted time and time again by scientific studies. These news organizations are either A) Straight up lying or B) Complete and utterly misinformed. That is why it’s ALL of our job to educate as many people as we can about this industry, so people can see the TRUTH.

To continue on the point of talking about “professionals,” here is a video about a doctor stating false claims & lies about electronic cigarettes. Sad thing is… There is a magnitude of studies that prove this doctor wrong.

1) Did You Know Vaping Is About 95% Safer Than Smoking Cigarettes?

We are sure you have already heard of this study done by Public Health England. Experts released a study showing that vaping is about 95% safer than smoking cigarettes. They also mentioned that 76,000 lives could be saved per year, just by convincing smokers to switch to vaping. Also, in case you didn’t know, Public Health England is a government organization. Why is the United States government not conducting the same studies?


2) People That Switch To Vaping From Cigarettes Have Seen Major Health Improvements!

Yes, you read that right! A survey was taken by a UK-based online e-cigarette company that investigated e-cigarette use for smoking cessation, changes in health status and symptoms related to smoking. The data collected was analyzed by independent university researchers at the tobaccoharmreduction.org project.

All the respondents previously smoked in this study, 91% had attempted to stop smoking before trying electronic cigarettes.

The results that came from the study were GREAT!

  • 91% had seen major improvements to their personal health.
  • 97% saw reduction/total elimination of smoker’s cough.
  • 84% saw increased ability to exercise.
  • 80% saw increase in smell.
  • 73% saw increase in taste.

We continuously hear great feedback from vaping in regards to personal health from our own customers, forums, and social media. It’s great to see an actual study done.


3) Vaping Has Reduced Tobacco-Related Death and Diseases

National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) mentioned that vaping “may be the greatest advance in reducing tobacco-attributable illness and death in decades.”

There are about 46 million cigarette smokers in the United States, and an estimated 480,000 deaths per year linked to cigarette smoking. The sad part is… These numbers have been pretty close to the same since 2004.

The NCBI also mentions that electronic cigarettes will likely reduce costs to current tobacco control programming by reducing the need for counseling and drugs.


4) Did You Know More Kids Get Poisoned From Toothpaste than E-Liquids?

Check out this report from the American Association of Poison Control Centers. You can see from the report that there are more kids being exposed to poisons from swallowing toothpaste or other cosmetic supplies, compared to e-liquids.

You can also see from the report that the amount of call-ins reported for kids consuming products such as cigarettes, snuff, chewing tobacco, is also higher than E-cigarette related calls.


5) Inhaling Vape Is Just About The Same As Breathing Regular Room Air!

A study published on Science Direct used machine-puffing to compare nicotine delivery and relative yields of chemical constituents. After some time of testing, the machines showed that cigarette smoke delivered approximately 1,500 times more harmful and potentially harmful carcinogens compared to vaping or to puffing room air.


6) Cigarette Smoke Contains More Than 450 Times The Toxins Than Vapor.

To continue onto the study mentioned above, you can find a study by Tobacco Control that shows vapor contains 450 times fewer carcinogens than cigarette smoke. It also shows that secondhand vapor is not harmful!


7) Nicotine Is Not The Problem… The Tobacco is!

Dr. David Dominic found that nicotine can actually be beneficial for your health. It can help improve focus, concentration, motor skills, and even improve short-term memory.

Here’s a few fun facts about nicotine:

  • Nicotine is not classified as a carcinogen (substance capable of causing cancer).
  • Nicotine has a different effect on you when not paired with the tobacco and chemicals in cigarettes.
  • Nicotine may help prevent and/or treat Alzheimer’s dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Schizophrenia and ADHD.

8) 10% of Americans Used Electronic Cigarettes to Stop Smoking.

According to the Reuters/lpsos Poll, 10% of U.S adults vape. This study was done between May and June of 2015. The government estimated that only 2.6% of adults used e-cigarettes in 2013.


9) If Vaping Is Banned, Youth Smoking Rates Increase!

The Journal of Health Economics shows a study done by Abigail S. Friedman, that found if you ban teens from vaping that the youth smoking rates will increase. When we say teens, we are talking about kids under the age of 18. Friedman found that banning e-cigarettes to teens that range from 12-17 yield a 0.9% increase in smoking.


10) Even The FDA Has Their Own Study!

We wrote a detailed article earlier this month all about this study, but to sum it up real quick… The FDA is working with the National Institute of Health’s Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) to get more information about e-cigarettes.

There are going to be a total of 7 waves for this study, and they just finished their first wave. The first wave went pretty well for the vaping industry, and better news is the last wave of testing will not be completed until 2022.

This is pretty promising for the vaping industry, due to the regulations possibly being pushed back while testing is being done.

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