This mother and daughter gave themselves 100 days. When the time was up, they were hardly recognizable.


At 50 years old, Cheryl Shaw wasn’t happy. She’d already struggled for a long time with excess weight and now weighed 255 lbs. Her 17-year-old daughter Tessa was on a similar path, weighing in at 180 lbs.

But they wanted to change their lives, to get healthy, and feel better in their own skin. So they hatched a plan which yielded simply amazing results:

Crazy! In just 100 days both women achieved such extraordinary results. Meanwhile their story has spread like wildfire online and these two power women are inspiring others all over the world to try the “100 day challenge.” It’s great what a difference it makes to set yourself a goal in a limited time frame, and with a partner!

Such smart tricks, and so effective.

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