Five doctors are holding up a sheet. When they let it drop, I can

When you hear the term “anesthesiologist” the first image that probably comes to mind is of someone wearing surgical scrubs while holding a gas mask and asking you to count backwards starting from ten.

But even these professionals have private lives and hobbies, as for example, this group of musical medics from Minnesota…

They call themselves “The Laryngospasms” which refers to the body’s natural protection mechanism that prevents us from inhaling liquids into our lungs (a common complication that can arise when patients are put under anesthetic). They started the group way back in 1990 when some of them were still medical students.

In this video they’re singing their own special rendition of the Neil Sadaka classic “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.” Their version, called “Waking Up Is Hard To Do,” is full of humorous references to their very unique occupation and it’s pretty funny stuff.

The group has already released two albums and is working on a third. Grammy contenders? Probably not, but they’re having a ton of fun with it and their patients enjoy it too. After all, laughter is the best medicine!