Blind Man Sees Wife For The 1st Time, Utters 2 Words That Put Everyone In Tears

Most of us take for granted the fact that we can see perfectly day-in and day-out! We can see the faces of our loved ones, the beauty of nature and the wonderment of life without any impairments. But for Gene Purdie, life is much different!


Gene suffers from a condition called Stargardt’s disease – this condition only allows Gene to see the outline of things in front of him. He’s never had the chance to see his wife’s beautiful face, his son’s button nose and his parents glowing smiles! Gene has lived life in the dark, so to speak, until Rachael Ray invited him on her show for an incredibly special segment.

Rachael presented Gene with a pair of eSight glasses (which allow those with severe vision impairments to see things they’ve missed their entire life) to try on. When Gene put on the eSight glasses, an enormous smile spread over his face and he immediately looked over to his wife! This moment is something he’ll never forget – and Rachael Ray has another huge surprise up her sleeve for Gene.