A woman broke a flower pot but look how she changed it. Straight out of a fairytale!

You assumed that broken flower pot in your shed is just waiting to be discarded with no further use in the world? Think again.

In romantic dramas (set, perhaps, in Seville or Palermo), a beautiful but short-tempered woman might be expected to throw a flower pot at her unfaithful lover. In that case the shards of the pot have a certain significance but you’d just expect them to get thrown away.

Well, even if your flower pot just fell and broke accidentally — without a passionate affair, violence, or heartbreak — you can still transform the pieces into something new and fantastic. Check out these magical examples:



Some of these pots were broken intentionally, but you can understand why now, right? If there’s someone in your life you need to throw a flower pot at — don’t! That could actually be dangerous. But it will still be pretty satisfying to break the pot on purpose without hurting anyone.

When you build your new miniature green wonderland, just be sure the shards are firmly in place so the plants can grow in stable soil. These are known as fairy gardens and from the looks of them, real fairies might just move in. Just the thing to heal a broken heart, or pot.