A Mother Gave Birth To Beautiful Twins. But When She Saw Them, She Gasped — Something Wasn’t Right With Them.

When Whitney Meyer and her partner Thomas Dean of Springfield, Illinois, found out that they were going to have twins, they were ecstatic.

The girls were born on April 23, 2016 — two healthy, happy, beautiful babies. But when their parents saw them, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

As identical twins, everyone expected them to look exactly the same. But it turned out not to be the case…

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The babies clearly have different skin colors. Kalani’s skin is light and she has blue eyes like her mother. Jarani, on the other hand, has darker skin and dark eyes, just like her father!

Twins with different skin colors are very rare. It usually only happens with fraternal twins, when two sperm cells fertilize two different eggs. The odds of this occurring with identical twins is literally one in a million!

Whitney and Thomas had no idea that this would happen to them, but they found it a very pleasant surprise. They couldn’t be happier about having such unique daughters.

And apparently skin color is not their only difference — Kalani is a little whirlwind of curious activity while Jarani is a bit shy, observant and quiet.

Definitely some very special little girls. We wish the family all the best for their (unique) future!