President Trump Breaks Longstanding Tradition While Boarding Air Force One


Marine One

As President Donald Trump boarded Marine One and Air Force One for his first trip as president, he surprised many by breaking yet another long-held presidential tradition: turning around and waving.

Trump was due to fly Jan. 26 from Joint Base Andrews to the GOP’s annual policy retreat in Philadelphia when he made the surprising move, or lack thereof, the Daily Mail reports.

When he arrived in Philadelphia, Trump did wave and smile to those citizens on the tarmac below waiting to greet him.

Regardless, the incident sent many social media users in a frenzy.

Some declared that Trump was too busy working hard on “business” to remember such thing.

Others, however, believed it was disrespectful of Trump.

“It’s ‘all business’ when Trump’s President, but if former President Barack Obama overlooked such decorum, I’m sure he’d have been riddled with ‘no manners’ comments,” wrote one Daily Mail reader on their website.

“Trump’s a public servant now, rules and laws apply,” chimed another.

Finally, some used the opportunity to make jokes about the President.

“Government transportation is a step down for President Trump,” quipped one person. “Trump’s airplane is gold plated, and everyone has to take off their shoes before coming onboard. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure AF1 is a lovely airplane, but not what Trump is used to!”

While some derided the president for not waving, Trump supporters were quick defend him.

“You’re going to nitpick the fact that President Trump saluted the Marine, but didn’t ‘wave’ and not show or even mention the time when Obama didn’t ‘wave’ OR even salute the Marine when he was in the same situation?” responded one user on the Daily Mail’s Facebook page. “In President Trump’s defense, this was his FIRST TIME on Air Force One, while Obama didn’t wave OR salute the Marine, he had to be reminded to salute, but Obama thought a handshake would suffice, AND that disrespect occurred during his SECOND TERM!”