Doctors Won’t Tell You This – Cheap Way To Get Rid Of The Head Lice Almost Instantly!


The first thing that comes to a parent’s mind when his children complain that their scalp is itchy is head lice.

This becomes a fear as lice are extremely difficult and annoying to remove. Lice are in fact small insects without wings, that feed on blood and are extremely contagious.

Even though adults might also get lice, children most commonly suffer from them, as they get them at school or in kindergartens. Lice are not dangerous, but they might cause inflammation and itchiness of the scalp.

Moreover, if they are not removed on time, they multiply super fast and might lead to a severe infection.

There are numerous anti-lice shampoos on the market, and they are quite expensive but ineffective. Even though you will spend hours of combing the hair, you will again find parasites behind.

However, the following homemade remedy will help you remove head lice almost instantly!

This is all you need:


Lice comb

  • Mouthwash

White vinegar

  • Shower cup or plastic bags
  • Few towels


Wash the head of your child with the mouthwash, and wrap the hair in the plastic bag. Then, cover with a bathing cap. Leave it thus for an hour.  The mouthwash will keep lice away due to its strong smell, as they cannot stand the smell of spearmint.

Then, remove the bag, and wash the hair with vinegar. It will remove the lice eggs.

Cover the hair again with a bag/hat for one more hour. Next, remove the hat/bag and wash the hair of your child with a normal shampoo once more. Comb the hair with a lice comb.

For even better effects, spray the hair of your child with a mouthwash once more before going to school.

This treatment will provide amazing effects, and you will also avoid the dangerous chemicals in over-the-counter products against lice, which might enter into the child’s bloodstream and lead to more severe health issues.