Man Takes A Beautiful Photo Of His Girlfriend, Then He Sees That Her Leg Looks Strange


Meagan kept her secret hidden for years, even from some people who were closest to her, but one day the truth came out. Back in her teen years, one of Meagan Barnard’s legs began to swell dramatically in size. It was impossible for her to face the truth about what was happening, but no matter how many oversized pants or different ways she hid her body, it only got worse. After visiting different doctors she came to realize the heartaching truth.

Her diagnosis was something she found completely unacceptable. Just the thought of her leg being this way made her so upset she felt she would rather die than come to terms with having lymphedema. Going to high school and college like this made her insecure, especially after all of the bullying she had to face. She would have an extra three liters of excess fluid in her leg at any given time. Feeling so down on herself, she could have never seen how beautiful life could be just a year or two later when something incredible happened.

With conditions like Meagan has, sometimes it’s not a cure which changes a person’s life, but simply their attitude or acceptance of it. When Meagan began dating her now boyfriend, she did everything within her power to hide not just her condition, but her leg. They dated for months and he still had no clue that anything was wrong. Watch how one day everything changed and how she was able to overcome her insecurities in the video below.


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