A Teenager Bought An Old Camper For $200 And Spent Her Summer Transforming It Into The Coolest Hangout

Normally teens spend their summers by the pool or binge watching Netflix, but that wasn’t the case for Ellie Yeater this year, a 14-year-old who decided to make it a summer of renovation.

Lori from the blog, Woodworking Adventures, shared Ellie’s story, and it’s pretty amazing.

After finding a 1974 Wilderness camper (needing a lot of work done to it) for sale for the low price of $200, Ellie decided to make it her new “glamping” project.

“Her mother Lori calls her ‘an out-of-the-box kinda kid’ who had saved up around $500 from birthdays and chores to buy and refurbish the camper,” Lori wrote on her blog post about the projects.


As it came, the camper was nothing you’d expect any high school kid to want to hang out in.

The outside was worn, the floors were disgusting, and nothing worked.

After Ellie and her family found the perfect spot to set the camper, she bought all of the supplies she needed and got to work!

“It was in pretty rough shape, previously used as a campsite and hunting camper,” Lori wrote on her post.

The first thing she did was pull up the old vinyl flooring and lay tile on top for a cleaner look.


Then, with the help from her grandfather, Ellie painted the weathered brown exterior a fresh white.


For the inside, she chose fun, vibrant colors to paint the walls, leaving no detail ignored!

Lori explained that having lived on a large property, Ellie’s older brother had an old hangout at a cabin where he would go with his friends, and she wanted something similar — except she wanted electricity and wifi!

The last step after making all the renovations was to decorate everything!


“A lot of special touches can be seen in Ellie’s decorating, like a vintage camera on the mannequin, retro electric fan, and coordinating placemats/napkins made by her grandmother,” Lori wrote.


The end result is so cute, and it’s completely ready now for a big sleepover!