Woman Hears Cries From An Abandoned Box And Saves Puppy’s Life


It’s hard to understand why any human would ever want to hurt and abuse an innocent animal, but what happened to the following two-month-old pup can only be described as inhumane.

According to the Spanish animal news site Schnauzi.com, a small puppy was found brutally beaten inside a box in an area near Madrid, Spain.

A woman known as Tere had been walking by El Escorial when she couldn’t help but ignore the heartbreaking cries coming from an animal in an abandoned box. When Tere opened the box, she was devastated to find the bruised and broken pup with a face covered in blood.


Tere brought the dog, known as Triana,  to local rescue group El Campito – Savind Peludos, where she was seen by veterinarians who revealed the puppy’s jaw had been broken and she suffered many infected, open wounds.


While most small animals who have been through such unthinkable trauma would find it hard to fight and trust in a human again, the tiny puppy refused to give up.


The veterinarians believe that the act of violence was intentional and we can all agree that even though it was heartless to abandon the dying pup, doing so likely saved his life.

Now Tere told Schnauzi that she plans on adopting the dog she saved once she has fully recovered from the scary ordeal.

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