Here’s The Recipe For The Banana Pudding That’s Going Viral All Over Facebook


Even when you come across just a photo of this extremely popular dessert, you’ll instinctively know that it tastes good. With the right amount of bananas, sweetness, and gooeyness, this decadent end to a dinner party will have everyone begging for seconds and thirds.

When you first hear the name of this recipe, you might be a little skeptical. It’s called the Blow Your Mind Banana Pudding, and if you read articles online these days, you know everything is called “mind-blowing” or “amazing” when in fact it’s just ordinary. I can promise you that this banana pudding is better than any Southern grandma makes. And check it out now and you’ll quickly see why…

Facebook users keep sharing it among their friends and more people are taking to the kitchen to make it for their families. This Blow Your Mind Banana Pudding is here to stay and scroll down and try it for yourself today!

This particular recipe has been shared thousands of times and for good reason. It is not like any other banana pudding classic you’ve had before. It has more oomph and power to it – it’ll knock your taste buds out!

Besides being delicious, this recipe is shockingly easy to make. Here are the ingredients you’ll need to make the Blow Your Mind Banana Pudding:

-14oz can of condensed milk
-1 ½ cups cold water
-3 ½ ounces instant banana pudding mix
-1 pint heavy whipping cream
-sliced banana
-vanilla wafer

Combine the condensed milk, water, and pudding mix into a bowl. Mix everything thoroughly. When it starts to look like pudding, chill it in your refrigerator.

Meanwhile, pour the heavy cream into a bowl and beat it with a hand mixer until it gets stiff. Then combine this whipped cream with the pudding mix and stir it all together.

With the filling created, it is time to create the dish itself.

Place a layer of vanilla wafers on the bottom of your serving dish. Then layer the sliced bananas on top of the wafers. When those are all in place, spoon your pudding on top. Then continue this process, creating layers as you go.

Refrigerate your finished Blow Your Mind Banana Pudding until you’re ready to serve it.

This is what some people on had to say about this recipe:

“This is soooo good! I topped it with vanilla cookie crumbs and pecan pieces. Thanks for the recipe. Very pretty dish also.”

“WOW!!!! That’s the only word that’s appropriate for this wonderful pudding. Super-easy to put together and lovely to the tastebuds! I did use instant vanilla pudding as I was out of banana. Next time, I’ll have the banana on hand, but probably won’t make much difference-You can’t improve on perfection!!!”

“I made this last week and it was awesome. My husband loved it but thought it was kind of sweet. Next to me I think I will leave the cool whip off the top and just sprinkle with cookies. Loved it though.”

“WOW! SUPER DELISH… I made this for a church Christmas party, I just added and an additional box of pudding and mixed in Mini Nilla Wafers and with the bananas!”

When will you try the Blow Your Mind Banana Pudding?

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