Woman Makes A Horrifying Discovery After Taking A Photo Of Her Boyfriend


One of the fascinating things about photographs and video recordings is that they give us the opportunity to take a closer look at something that we may not have noticed in the moment. Often this allows us to have a greater appreciation of the past—but sometimes, it can reveal disturbing details.

This woman took an otherwise ordinary picture of her boyfriend… only to realize that something strange was hiding in the background. When they realized what it was, they were terrified…

Reddit user daddy_sprinkles shared a strange experience about his father and father’s girlfriend at Three Sisters Park in Evergreen, Colorado. The girlfriend had snapped a sneaky photo of her camera-shy significant other. It was only when she looked at the picture that she noticed a creepy figure crouching in the field.

She had been using her iPhone to take a live photo, so she was able to record the figure moving.

Later, daddy_sprinkles’ father returned to the same area and tried taking another picture (as seen on the left) from a similar angle, but the figured appeared to have inexplicably disappeared.

Even more strange is that the grass isn’t really tall enough to hide a person, nor could the figure have been standing in any kind of hole.


Who could it be? Whatever the truth is about this disturbing figure in the distance, at least this couple lived to tell the tale. They might have a hard time sleeping at night, though!

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