Here’s why you should be having morning sex every day

Here's why you should be having morning sex every day

Here’s why you should be having morning sex every day
A lot of health experts have already said that the best time to have sex is early in the morning. However, there are couples who do not take advantage of this because they decide not to
– too early, still sleepy, don’t have fresh breath, etc.

What these couples do not know is that early morning sex is not only the best kind of sex but also offers several other benefits, including the following.

Morning sex improves the mood. Research shows that doing the intimate act early in the morning helps improve one’s mood for the entire day. Plus, the effect of this morning ritual can last up to seven days. Imagine being in a good mood and mostly stress-free for the whole week?

Swallowing cures morning sickness. According to a particular professor from SUNY-Albany, swallowing the sticky white substance known as sperms actually cures morning grogginess and sickness, especially for pregnant women. This is one of the reasons why having sex while being pregnant is also advisable – and encouraged.

It keeps you healthy. Believe it or not, but early morning sex not only improves the mood but also strengthens the immune system. Experts say that having sex in the morning boosts IgA levels. IgA is an antibody that is known to help protect an individual from infection.

He’ll last longer. Ladies! Hear this: men last longer during mornings. It has been shown through several studies that men’s testosterone levels are at its peak during mornings since it has already gained the energy it needs. This means, ladies, that your partners are also the horniest on earth early in the morning. Therefore, if you want a wild and long-lasting sex, do it early in the morning.

The event is crystal clear. There are higher chances that you and your partner will remember how wild you both were during your sex this morning. That, in return, would give you something to giggle about during the day and something that makes you look forward to the next day. It’s a win-win situation, really.

No need for gym time. Sex in the morning is equivalent to having spent the first few hours in the morning at the gym. It is believed that an hour of sex can burn as much fats as a 30-minute jog – plus it’s more romantic.

It reaffirms your feelings. Morning sex is said to be the most intimate time to have sex not only because you both will remember it but because it reaffirms your feelings for each other. This means that you still want that person even when you are sober and when he/she does have messy hair, bad breath, bare face, etc.

It gets you going. It’s better than coffee, plus you don’t have to wait for a while before the effect kicks in. It gives you that bolt of energy you need to jumpstart the day. If you get addicted to it the way you got addicted to coffee, then it’s truly understandable.

There are endless reasons why you should start making this exercise a habit. Why don’t you start with it now