Here is How To Relieve Sinus Infection In 15 Seconds


A simple cold or sinus infections are the most common causes of a stuffy nose, which is extremely unpleasant.

Namely, in this case, viruses or bacteria cause irritations which lead to an inflamed lining of the sinus cavity. Moreover, the nasal passage swells and results in blockages.

These blockages cause breathing difficulties, which might last up to a few weeks. In this case, you need to find an effective way and clear up the nasal congestion. We will suggest several ways to effectively and easily treat the sinus infection:

First of all, you should try this method which is extremely successful in clearing the nasal congestion in less than 20 seconds:

You should push the tongue against the top of the oral cavity, and put the thumb right between the eyebrows. Then, press down the area with the thumb for 20 seconds and apply enough pressure to relieve the congestion.

You will thus drain the sinus passage and clear the congestion in less than half a minute.

The vomer bone is a bone in the head which goes through the nasal passage and ends in the mouth. When you press the area between the eyebrows, it moves forth and back and helps in loosening of the congestion anthe drainage of the sinuses.

The following homemade remedies and foods will also be of great help in the cased of sinus infections:


You should hold the head over a bowl full of boiling water and breathe slowly. The steam will effectively clear the nasal passages.

2. Organic apple cider vinegar

You should take 3 spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar several times daily to treat the sinus infection in about 4 days.