Viral Photo Shows A Beautiful Side Of Skin-To-Skin Contact We Rarely Get To See


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A photo that shows skin-to-skin contact between a dad, his son, and the family’s newborn twins has gone viral online.

Many experts believe that there’s nothing more important for the bond between a newborn and their parents than skin-to-skin contact.

There’s a reason doctors tend to place a newborn on their mother’s chest immediately after birth.

Not only does skin-to-skin contact help forge the connection between a mother and their child, it also regulates body temperature in a way that even incubators can’t.

In countries like Sweden and Denmark, immediate skin-to-skin contact is so important after birth that it’s even practiced in cases involving preemies.

While we tend to think about skin-to-skin contact as something inherently between a mother and her newborn, it’s really a practice that the whole family should participate in.

That’s why it’s so refreshing to see this tear-jerking photo that shows a father and his son partaking in skin-to-skin contact with their family’s newborn twins.

Although the original photo was shared last year on the Swedish Facebook page Forældre og Fødsel, it was recently translated into English and shared on the NINO Birth’s Facebook page.

Since the heartwarming photo was shared on Saturday, moms from all over the world have commented on how precious this sweet moment is.

“Spent two months with my son on my skin from morning until night. He was born 2 months too early. A beautiful experience!!!” one mom wrote.

“Oh how I wish I could have been able to hold my son like this when he was born at 31 weeks at 2.5 lbs. I hated having to watch him in the incubator and desperately wanting to hold him. This makes so much more sense,” another commented.


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