She Put An IKEA Dining Table In Her Son’s BEDROOM! Then, She Cut Two Holes In It To Make THIS! SO COOL!


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She hated the mess in her son’s bedroom, and the table fixed everything!

Kids love to play and create, which means they’re constantly making a mess. It’s creativity in full action, but it also means there’s a new pile to pick up every time you turn your back for a few minutes.

Parents will do anything they can do downsize the amount piles and make life a little bit easier.

That’s what Sarah from the blog, A Little of This, A Little of That, was dealing with when her son discovered his love for legos.

“It took about one day of me stepping on teeny tiny pieces to decide I had to do something to organize it all,” Sarah wrote on her blog post about the project.

So, she decided to use a table from IKEA to make the perfect, Lego-playing station for her son!

Sarah made the project by using an Ingo dining table and Trofast buckets from IKEA, along with a few other supplies to put it all together.

The first thing she did was put the table together as it normally would be assembled, but it didn’t stay like that for long.


Then, she measured the size of her buckets and traced the same dimensions onto the top of the table.

After that, Sarah took her jigsaw and cut out her rectangles, which she then sanded afterwards to get all the rough edges off.


It might seem weird at this point to see two giant holes in an otherwise perfectly good table, but how she finishes it will make so much sense.


When all the cutting was done, Sarah then spray painted the whole table white and added a clear sealant on top.


To fill the holes, the only thing Sarah had to do was drop in the bins she bought from IKEA and fill it with all those tiny Lego pieces!

Her little guy couldn’t wait to try out his new building station at this point!


To complete the look, though, Sarah also added some Lego base plates to make the work surface more efficient.


She simply used super glue to attach the plates to the top of the table.


That’s the last thing it needed to complete the project!


And when the glue dried, it was time to get busy building!




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