Coconut Oil Kills 93% of Colon Cancer Cells after 2 Days of Treatment

Coconut Oil Kills 93 percent of Colon Cancer Cells

A recent laboratory study has shown that lauric acid (lauric acid makes about half of the content of coconut oil) eliminated more than 90% of colon cancer cells after 2 days of treatment.

What is interesting is that lauric acid contaminated cancer cells by releasing intense oxidative stress and by effectively reducing the levels of glutathione in cancer cells at the same time.

Glutathione is used by cancer cells to protect from oxidative stress.

There are only few studies that have highlighted the anti-cancer properties of coconut oil.

However, coconut oil is known for the healing properties and health benefits for many years.

It is a well-known fact that coconut oil can successfully eliminate bacteria, various viruses, parasites, fungi and harmful microorganisms.

Coconut oil also supports digestion, aids liver metabolism, improves skin health, reduces inflammation and accelerates wound healing.

Some studies suggest that coconut oil can also be helpful in cases of diabetes because it has ability to increase the levels of HDL (good cholesterol) in women, regulate the HDL