Doctors Deliver Urgent Warning To Parents To Stop Feeding Kids Hot Dogs – Here’s Why


That perfectly pink, plump hot dog… slightly charred and hot off the grill… placed on a warm toasty bun… and topped with fresh kraut, relish, mustard, and ketchup. Ahhh, the mouthwatering memories of childhood!

However, and not to pop your “hot dog casing” – but as it turns out, hot dogs are actually quite dangerous. According to LiveStrong, they are typically high in fat (and not the good fat), have high levels of cholesterol, contain loads of salt, and are kept “fresh” with a variety of preservatives. It may be no surprise that hot dogs aren’t good for our waistlines – but it’s what doctors have discovered they do to our children’s health that’s absolutely frightening.


Hot dogs are killing our children in ways you probably weren’t aware of – and are entitled to know about.

This meat product contains additives which prevent botulism, lengthen the product’s shelf life, and give them their pinkish color (otherwise they would have a gray appearance). We call these “helpful” additives nitrites, and they are absolutely harmful, dangerous and sometimes even deadly. LiveStrong explains that nitrites are associated with an increased cancer risk – raising the risk nine times in children who consume more than 12 hot dogs per month.

The Daily Health Post shared the findings of hot dog consumption studies which were conducted:

“Children who ate hot dogs one or more times per week were also at higher risk of brain cancer.”

“There was a strong risk for childhood leukemia for children whose fathers’ intake of hot dogs was 12 or more per month before conception.”

“Children born to mothers who consumed hot dogs one or more times per week during pregnancy had approximately double the risk of developing brain tumors.”

Picnics, baseball games, backyard BBQs, 4th of July gatherings, the fair – hot dogs have always been a celebration staple. However, consuming them may be less-innocent and more-dangerous than we had previously been led to believe.

Think hot dogs were “born” looking the way they do? Think again! Before they make their way to your plate, they’ve been through the works – literally!

The “trimmings” of various meats are ground up in large machines, and then mixed with processed chicken “trimmings.” Sacks of food starch, salt, additional flavorings and preservatives are then combined into the large vats.


Next, they add in water (for juiciness) and corn syrup (for sweetness), and the mixture is pureed. This sludge-like batter is then pumped into the casings – which ultimately form the “hot dog” as we know it. It sure takes a lot of work to make this final meat product “pretty in pink!”

Fooducate provides some helpful grocery shopping advice:

“Check the ingredient label next time you buy some deli style meats. If you want to avoid nitrates, your chances are higher with organic products, but not guaranteed. Your best bet is to limit hot dogs and processed meats to occasional meals. When you do choose processed meats, “organic” and “naturally raised” tend to have less of other bad ingredients.”

Be an informed, smart, safe shopper!


We may have nostalgic memories attached to these tasty treats – but sadly, there’s a bit more hidden behind the “casing curtain” than most people realize. If you still choose to reach for that “all American” BBQ meal – at least now you can do so from an informed stand point.


Watch “how it’s made” to learn more – a video is worth a thousand words:

As they say “knowledge is power” – and it just may save the health and safety of your family. Share this article with your loved ones, and spread the frightening frankfurter facts!


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