Don’t Miss How To Crochet A Lovely Hearts Cord With This Video Tutorial

It’s the details that really make a crochet project pop. These heart-shaped stitches will give your project major charm! Here are three ways for creating these adorable heart chains.

Way #1

This unique “run stretching” technique comes from Knitting Sherurukom, and while not in English, it still is very easy to follow and you should pick up on the pattern right away.



Way #2
First you start with a row consisting of a multiple of 4+1, basically 21 stitches for 5 a five-heart strand, and the pattern is only two rows. Your third chain stitch should be started from the hook and then in this chain stitch you do two double crochets, a single chain stitch, a slip stitch, a single chain stitch and 2 double crochets. Now skip a chain, and finally you will add a slip stitch, while skipping another chain and then from the beginning, you repeat this.

Once at the end, you flip your row, adding a half double crochet. So you want to add a half double crochet, single crochet,single crochet, double crochet, single crochet, single crochet and half double crochet into the center of the heart. Now slip stitch it on over to the next chain, then repeat the whole shebang until the end is finally reached. According to Make my Day Creative, this can end with either a loop or a weave to close it out.


Way #3

Once again Knitting Sherurukom brings us another method (this time it is in English). This method features a different heart design, but still very sweet and adorable. Check out this heart design and learn how to create it.