Brilliantly Easy Gum And Mint Container Upcycle Ideas

If you’re ever temped to buy those super-sized containers of gum or mint in the grocery store check-out lane, don’t hesitate! You’ll be in for a sweet surprise after all the gum is gone, because you can easily upcycle these cool flip-top containers into mini storage bins for lots of different goodies.

Mini Portable Snack Pack

Keep your kid’s Cheerios or puff snacks handy in your purse or car console. You could even stash your own snacks in this container to keep on your desk or hidden away in a drawer at work. The flip-top makes it so easy to dispense just a little bit at a time.

Mini Portable Snack Pack

Mini Portable Snack Pack

Ultra Cool Match Box

This is a great idea for backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts! A regular cardboard match box can easily get crushed, but this gum container is made of sturdy plastic that doesn’t bend easily. Visit  Skruben’s blog for more info on how to make the cool striking surface to light the matches!


Glitterlicious Craft Organizer

Crafters will love using these containers to store glitter! The flip-top makes it easy to pour out just the right amount for your project. Chica And Jo also recommend using this to store other tiny craft items, such as buttons or beads.

Travel Size Toiletries

When you travel across the country or even around the world, you don’t want to tote around full-sized toiletries for your journey. Pack only what you need inside these mint containers, and both you and the airline will be happy with your ultralight packing habits!