Ellen Introduces Her Audience To The ‘Adjust-A-Bust’ Bra

ack in 2014, Ellen heard about an unusual new beauty treatment for women. Apparently, there’s a doctor in New York who performs a temporary breast enlargement procedure that wears off after the first 24 hours. “It’s like Cinderella except that after midnight, instead of losing your slipper, you lose your pumpkins,” Ellen jokes.

The beloved talk show host sarcastically praised this ridiculous $2,500 procedure. She went on to mention another doctor who has come up with “Vacation Breasts.” These last a couple of weeks so that clients can enjoy bigger breasts while, you guess it, on vacation.

Not one to be outdone, Ellen invented something even bigger and better. Ellen’s “Adjust-a-Bust” makes it possible to grow a larger chest whenever, wherever… and in just mere seconds! She invited Lauren to walk out onstage wearing the Adjust-a-Bust under her sweater, then proceeded to demonstrate this hilarious invention in front of her studio audience. The results were absolutely hysterical, and even Ellen had a hard time keeping it together. Some beauty treatments are so outlandish, they deserve a little harmless ridicule. Who better than Ellen to serve it?!

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