This Woman Sleeps With Her Snake Every Night

Pets are family. They are with us everyday and provide us with an enormous amount of comfort and love. Some people even sleep with their dog or cat, or even their snake!

It turns out not all pets should share your bed. A dog may be ok, a cat may be alright, but that snake we mentioned, might not be such a good idea…

Not all pets should be slept with.

A woman learned the hard way as she had been sleeping with her python every single night.

The python would usually stretch out, all across her body from head to toe.

Suddenly the python stopped eating one day. The woman took her beloved pet to the vet.

The vet asked routine questions, but soon found out about the unique sleeping situation the two of them have. Then questions began to get more specific.

This is when the vet told her something shocking. The reason the python had stopped eating, was basically because it was preparing its stomach. Or one could say, making room for inside it’s stomach, in preparation for a big meal.
And the big meal? It was her!
Thankfully the woman took the snake to the vet in the nick of time. Little did she know her beloved and loving pet, was actually stalking her, preparing for the kill and then the ultimate consumption.

Whoa! Super close call, right? This woman may have loved her pet, but she forgot that a snake is a snake, and having a warm and scrumptious meat sack lie next to you each and every night is just too tempting to pass up. It’s the equal to us humans fasting so we can hit up our favorite buffet!

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