You will never have to scrub a toilet AGAIN if you make these DIY toilet cleaning bombs


Were you surprised when you found out that coca cola (dearly known as coke) can be used to clean the toilet!? Yuck! I know! The good news though, is that we can use easy to find ingredients to clean toilet bowls without the use of store-bought bleaches, and clean them just as thoroughly, if not better. Below is the lowdown on why more and more people are turning towards natural cleaning options, and an easy to make homemade recipe for your toilet cleaning needs.

The Dangers of Common Toilet Bowl Cleaners:

A lot of chemicals are inside most of the toiler bowl cleaners, as well as other cleaning products we can find in the store. You may have heard the horror stories of the people cleaning their bathrooms one sunny day, only to be taken to the hospital due to serious chemical reactions from mixing products.