Dad Asks 3-Year-Old To Sing. What She Does Next? It’s Going Viral!


Let’s be honest, Disney movies can play a LARGE part in a little boy’s or girl’s life. Whether it’s the fun and familiar characters, the underlying life lessons or the easy-to-follow storylines, Disney has done a pretty great job of creating some of our favorite childhood flicks. But there’s one special thing about Disney movies that set them apart from the rest — their songs. When one particular dad asked his daughter if she’d like to make a music video with her favorite song, the three-year-old jumped at the opportunity. And no, it’s not the song from Frozen

Claire Ryann may only be three years old, but she hasn’t let that stand in the way of making an increasingly popular online music video. Singing one of her favorite Disney songs ever, little Claire steps up to the microphone and sings her little heart out. How many kids that age can belt out a performance like this?

SO adorable!