Most women cannot have perfect breasts through their lives even though they wish for these ideal look of their breasts. The breasts lose elasticity with age and they become saggy. A woman with saggy breasts may feel less attractive to the opposite sex and may lose her self-confidence. The cause of sagging breasts can reveal how to prevent or treat this problem.

Causes of sagging breasts

You must keep your breasts in perfect shape since they are not made of muscle. They have fat, milk-producing glands and connective tissues. Although saggy breasts usually appear after the age of 40, they can appear earlier if the skin looses elasticity, becomes old and loose. Sagging breasts are especially common after pregnancy.

Other causes of saggy breasts are: menopause, improper nutrition, rapid weight gain or loss, over-tanning, improper bras and smoking.

It is a myth that breastfeeding causes saggy breasts. Weight gain during pregnancy is the true culprit since the ligaments get stretched due to the weight gain. Pay attention to your weight gaining during pregnancy to avoid sagging breasts.

Alcohol, carbonated beverages and diseases such as tuberculosis and breast cancer can also be the reasons why your breasts are saggy.

Try these easy home recipes that can be used to treat sagging breasts instead of the artificial lotions and creams.

How to have perfect non-sagging breasts

Massages, pectoral exercises, masks, essential oils and plant oils can help you firm your sagging breasts.

Optimal weight

Losing and gaining weight rapidly can make your breasts saggy. Gaining weight destroys the elasticity of the breasts