Coffee is not just a great wake-up drink; the coffee grounds are also good for other uses.

Below are some amazing applications for coffee grounds that you probably never knew of.

1. Use coffee grounds as fertilizer

Coffee grounds are rich in phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium which are essential for plant growth; this makes it a useful fertilizer alternative.

2. Use as a natural cellulite-remedy

The main ingredient for the cosmetic industry’s cellulite remedy is caffeine. You can use coffee grounds which are rich in caffeine as a homemade cellulite-remedy just mix it coconut oil and you will have a cheaper alternative.

3. Coffee grounds make excellent compost

Coffee grounds when included in compost will attract more earthworms as they love coffee grounds. The more earthworms present in your compost the richer it is.

4. Use coffee grounds to ward-off snails

You can protect your crops from snails by spreading coffee grounds on the soil to ward them off as they hate coffee grounds.

5. Use coffee grounds to ward-off ants

Coffee grounds will disrupt the smell of ants which is necessary for them when they follow each other. By spreading coffee grounds on your soil the ants will be put off by the smell and stay clear of your crops.


6. It is effective against wasps

The smell of burning coffee grounds is effective in warding off wasps, just put the coffee grounds in a fire-safe jar and light it up.

7. Coffee grounds can also ward-off cats

Spread some coffee grounds on the ground near your fence to ward-off cats, they can’t stand the smell.

8. Use as soap

Coffee grounds are very useful in your skin care. It has a firming and peeling effect on your skin which makes it an excellent soap alternative.

9. Use coffee grounds in neutralizing your fridge odors

Just place a cup of coffee grounds in your fridge to get rid of those foul smelling odors. It will neutralize the odor and prevent other contents of your fridge from being tainted.

10. Coffee grounds are excellent cleaners

Save money using coffee grounds to clean your pots and pans. It also provides great abrasion and it is therefore good as a cleaning scrub.

11. Coffee grounds will enrich your hair

Coffee grounds are great for dying your hair; they will also provide it with nutrients necessary for its growth and health.

12. Get rid of jowls

To get rid of jowls or those bags under your eyes, just mix coffee grounds with olive oil and apply topically to the jowls, they will vanish in no time at all.

13. Remove grill rust with coffee grounds

Coffee grounds have excellent abrasive properties and it is great for removing grill rust from your barbecue grills to leave it looking like brand new.

14. Use coffee grounds in getting rid of fleas from your pet

Just apply moist coffee grounds on the fur of your dog to get rid of fleas and to protect it from further infestation. It will also leave your dog smelly nice as the coffee grounds will neutralize any odor on its fur





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