Instead Of Singing, He Makes ‘Sounds Of The Earth.’ By The End, The Judges Were In Tears

It’s great to see a talent show performer pull off something very unique which you don’t rarely see on TV. This performer does not perform a cover of some popular pop song that we’ve all heard a thousand times before. No, this performer gets on stage and performs the sounds of Earth!

This amazing performance went down at Georgia’s Got Talent and the performer was Genadi Tkachenko. This amazing performance not only blew the judges away, but actually brought them to tears!

This guy is definitely incredible. Rather than using his voice to perform impersonations of celebrities or some other generic voice gimmick, he has developed his voice to mimic the natural environment around us all. These “sounds of Earth” are really incredible and he delivers them in such a way that the crowd ended up giving him a standing ovation. These are those special moments when talent shows really shine as they show an unusual performance that you won’t see anywhere else, especially executed in such superb fashion! Check this out!