Her Husband Left Town For A Bachelor Party, Then Mom Looks Down The Driveway…


In the year 2000, Arkansas State Police captain Tom Craig died while assisting an overturned vehicle. His family was absolutely shocked. Three years before his unexpected death, Tom had bought a camping RV and used it to take his family to landmark destinations all across the country. The camper became Tom’s prized possession — and the place in which his daughter, Karis, stored all of her childhood memories with her beloved father.

In the years following Tom’s death, Karis grew into adulthood, married a man named Micah, and started a family of her own. All the while, she was under the impression that her late dad’s camper was in the possession of a relative. However, unbeknownst to Karis, the camper had been sold. When her children were old enough to go camping, Karis contacted the relative to borrow the camper and use it to make all new memories. She was devastated to learn it was no longer in their possession. Karis hadn’t seen the camper since she was 12 years old, and she knew she’d probably never see it again.

All of those precious childhood memories, gone forever.

Micah couldn’t bear to see his wife so emotionally distraught, so he secretly teamed up with Karis’ mom to try and track down the lost RV. A weeks later, he heard back from a couple all the way in California. They, too, had fallen in love with the camper and were skeptical about Micah’s story.

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