Congratulations to Linda Simon Today’s (5th-Jan-2016) Winner From Florida


Congratulation Dear Linda for winning this beautiful ring for you.


Greetings, Our competition winner we really appreciate you and everyone participating in our free giveaway competitions through our facebook page. As our competitions are share to win. So we pick winners by seeing who has shared our posts plus liked our page. So keeping up with the tradition we are glad to announce our today’s winner.

We congratulate you and appreciate your efforts as you never lost hope and always participated in most of the competitions. By participating in competitions and keeping yourself visible by commenting and liking our posts you were able to be chosen as winner. As many people try only a few times and then stop participating. You proved that no one should ever lose hope.


Dear Linda kindly email us your shipping details at




There are some people who are using our name and contacting our winners or random fans from our facebook pages. They contact our fans by individual facebook account by renaming that facebook account to our name. So they try to lure our fans by saying that are representing us and tell fans that they have won big cash amount, car or some diamond ring or jewelry.

We have been told by our fans that these people even call them by getting their contact details from chatting with these fans. We strongly recommend our fans not to fall for any such scam. As these are the people who have no moral values. Please dont believe anything that they say.


Here are some facts that you should know about us.


1 – We never contact our fans for any reason. We announce the winners here only on

2 – We never contact our fans from random facebook accounts.

3 – We never chat with fans by using individual facebook accounts.

4 – We never phone call our fans or customers. As phone support is not available yet.

5 – We only have one official email account where you can email to get answers, which is

6 – We dont giveaway very expensive stuff. In jewelry we only giveaway silver or silver plated jewelry.

7 – We dont giveaway Cash.

8 – We dont giveaway Cars.

9 – We only have one shopping website

10 – We only have one website where we announce winners

11 – We never ask any money at all.



How To Spot Fake Facebook Pages/Accounts ?


Here are the tips which will surely help you to know if someone contacting you is fake or genuine.

  • Orignal businesses have atleast 10k likes on their facebook page. So if they dont have any likes or have less likes than 10k then you would be better off by ignoring them if they contact you.
  • Orignal facebook business pages dont initiate the conversation.
  • Orignal businesses do not contact their customers/fans through facebook rather they always use their official email.
  • Genuine businesses would never ask for any money at all. Specially through facebook ? no chance at all.

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