13 Useful Tips To Easily Dust Off Even The Most Difficult Places

Dust Is Simply A Fine Powder Consisting Of Tiny Particles Of Sand, Earth, Etc. It Is Accumulated In Houses, On Furniture, And Other Household Articles. We All Want Our Houses And Offices To Be Clean And Crystal Clear. Therefore, Dusting Is A Routine Activity In Homes And Offices. However, Dusting Can Be Quite An Ineffectual Activity If Not Done Correctly. You Might Have Just Finished Dusting, And A Visitor May Find You Haven’t Done Dusting Yet. It Is Because Dusting Is An Intricate Art, There Are Nooks And Corners That May Remain Untouched If Done Ineptly. Here Are A Few Tips For Spotless And Clean Dusting.Air Filters Changing:
Very Often People Forget To Change The Air-Filters That Is So Bad. First, It Stops Dust from Infiltrating. Second, It Increases The Life Span Of Your Air Conditioner. So, The First Tip Is To Change The Air Filters After Each Three To Four Months. However, It Depends Upon Use. So, The Monthly Periods Are Not Fixed But An Average.More Doormats, Less Dust:
A Major Chunk Of Dust Enters Rooms From Outside Through Shoes. To Prevent That Employ Two Doormats, Both Interior, And Exterior. Besides, Make Sure To Cleanse The Doormats Regularly. If You Want Your Room To Remain Dust-Free, Make It A Rule That Nobody Enters The Room With Shoes. Use Pinch To Dust Blinds:
Most People Find Dusting Blinds Very Arduous And Time-Consuming Task. However, We Have Found A Very Easy And Effective Way To Solve The Problem. You Just Need To Have A Pinch: That You Hopefully Already Have In Your Kitchen. Now Tie A Piece Of Microfiber At The Mouth Of The Pinch And Enjoy.Make Use Of Microfiber Cloths:
Charged Electrostatics, Microfiber Strips Can Perform Superior Cleaning By Absorbing All The Dust. So, If You Don’t Want To Waste Your Time And Want Spotless-Surface, Go For The Microfiber Bands. Take Care Of Pet Hygiene:
Pets Are Also A Big Source Of Dust. Therefore, Make A Routine To Bathe And Brush Your Pets. If You Do It, Regularly, You Will Feel The Difference Soon.Prefer Softener Over The Ordinary Cloth For TV:
High-End Electronics Like Your LED TV Are Very Fragile And Require Care. Therefore, Make Use Of Softener Fiber For Cleaning Such Items. Use Slip over On Sofas:
Using Slip over On Furniture Has Multiple Advantages. First, If Accidentally Anything Spills, The Slip over Will Take It And Furniture Will Be Little Affected. Second, You Can Easily Remove And Clean Slip Over Instead Of The Whole Furniture. Thirdly, Your Furniture Retains Its Luster And Life Span Increases.Use Your AC To Pull Dust:
Air Conditioners Have Filters To Absorb Dust Particles Which Are Time To Time Cleaned. If You Put On The Air Conditioner Fan, It Pulls Dust Which Is Absorbed In The Filter. So Make A Point When You Go Dusting, The AC Fan Should Be