13 children who cut their own hair – and left their parents speechless

Children are wonderful, but also are very curious, often creating chaos at home. You never know what kids around you are thinking, it’s normal for a parent to be on guard.

Of course, we always try to keep them away from sharp and dangerous objects – for their own safety.

More importantly, here are 13 examples that show why parents shouldn’t leave kids alone with scissors. Things could get really, really bad! (And funny).

Children are always beautiful, no matter what, but these kids are definitely not future hairdressers!

1. He just wanted to look nice for the girls at school…

2. Call the hairdresser! Now!

Call the hairdresser! Now!

3. At least, these siblings have the same style!

4. He found dad’s trimmer and decided to even out his eyebrows…

5. He wanted to fix his eyebrows for the school picture, but he overdid it. Easy fix, cut your hair and glue it as a replacement…

6. “It doesn’t look the way I imagined it.”


7. Oh my god!


8. At least he looks pleased!

9. There’s only one word for this – chaos!

10. Is that a bald spot? No, just a very unsuccessful haircut!

11. You can see the panic brewing in his eyes!

12. She’ll just have to wear that for a few months!

13. Looking classy for tomorrow’s school picture?


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