10 Gorgeous Singers Perform Classic And Drive Crowd Crazy With Their Dance

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Although there have been countless covers by all different genres of artists performing the classic song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” none have been as humorously impressive as this version. A talented group of a cappella singers who call themselves the Straight No Chasers completely shocked the crowd when they did their rendition. They performed the song on one of their tour stops in New Mexico, and the crowd won’t soon forget the amazing showcase of talent!

Once the music begins and the show is about to start, one of the members of the Straight No Chasers informs the crowd that the choreography they are about to see was created by none other than him! What the audience doesn’t know is that the performance is going to be so funny. This type of humorous performance is typical for the male a cappella group.

On their website, they explain that they are different from your traditional group of singers. They leave behind typical images of a cappella groups that include khakis and ties on college campus performances. They maintain the claim that although they take music seriously, they don’t take themselves seriously and love to have fun with their act!

Straight No Chasers have been reinventing typical images of a cappella groups through modern day pop music and other popular songs that they cover. They’ll completely change your mind about these types of male groups once you see their performance and the way they carry themselves in front of a crowd.

The group of musicians first got together when they were attending college at Indiana University and haven’t stopped for a second since. They often tour in front of large crowds that come to watch them from all over the country, so they are completely past all fears of stage fright and showcase nothing but their talent and confidence! This means that not only are their singing voices incredible, but their style and stage performance are too!

These men are hilarious in their own special way, and the audience’s reaction speaks for itself. Their uniqueness even shines through their matching tan suits that they wear during this performance. Each of the men shines in their own special ways during this rendition through their vocal ability, sheer talent, and confidence.

You need to see for yourself how amazing their performances are. The minute their act starts, the crowd is enthralled by their stage presence.

What did you think of this performance? Would you go see the Straight No Chasers yourself? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to show this amazing video to your friends!

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