Homing pigeon caught smuggling 170 ecstasy pills at its Back

It is no doubt a thrilling news that now birds are also used for the crimes. You will be shocked to read this news that a pigeon have been caught in Kuwait and there is 178 pills were found at the back of it which were closed in fabric’s pocket.

This bird was caught in Abdali near the customs building that is closed to the border of Iraq. According to the al-rai journalist, drugs were in the form of ketamine, that anesthetic used as an illegal party drug.

Custom officer Abdullah Fahim told the BBC that we have already know that pigeons were being used to smuggle the drugs but we had not any evidence. Now, this is the first time for us that we caught a bird during the act.

After catching that pigeon Law enforcement official also identified the previous same cases in which pigeon have been used to carry the light weight drugs and high-value narcotics.

According to the record of 2015, there was a similar case in which prison guards caught a pigeon in Costa Rica that carried cocaine and cannabis in a zipped pouch.

And in 2011 Colombian police also caught a pigeon that can not be a fly on the high walls. Because it had weight on his back. There was a package of cocaine and marijuana attached to it.

In ancient time pigeon had been used to carry the message using their powerful abilities. You already know that the racing pigeons can returns to their home after covering the hundreds of kilometer.

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