Dad Keeps Leaving The Toilet Seat Up – Toddler’s Rant Is Going Viral

This little girl knows how to preach. She may be small, but she doesn’t seem like she’s going to back down on this important issue. According to Bradlee, this is an issue that has been brought to light many times, and now it’s time for dad to listen up and start pulling his own weight by putting the ‘potty lid’ down. Dad listens patiently as he captured the most hilarious toddler rant the internet has seen so far.

As this 3 year old gives her rant to dad, you will be cracking up at how decisively she presents her case. But dad seems like he has dealt with this before and presents his own case. “So you want me to lift it up AND put it down?” dad asks. Now wait for Bradlee’s witty response.

We can all identify with dad and Bradlee’s struggle. Doubtless, the same argument has repeated itself in many homes, but when Bradlee speaks her mind on the issue, there seems to be one simple answer for this common problem. Bradlee’s message: You have to put the toilet seat down for the big girls.


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