This dog’s neck is bleeding. When they pull aside his fur, they discover something terrible.

When images of this dog appeared on the internet, most people immediately thought they had to be fake. There’s no way a dog can look like that! But it turns out that they are real, and very strange.

Facebook/Quasi the Great

The dog in this photo is called Quasimodo. He lives in Kentucky, USA and it’s easy to see why so many people thought the photos were fake. He just doesn’t look like other dogs. His body is shorter and he barely has a neck.

Some thought that perhaps he was stuck in a box as a pup and could never grow properly. But he was actually born this way.

Facebook/Quasi the Great

Quasimodo was found on the streets. The stray had a collar on that was way too tight. The collar was so small for his neck that it cut into his flesh and his skin eventually grew over it. Due to his unusual shape, many counted him for a dead dog walking.

Facebook/Quasi the Great

But thankfully, an animal rescue group called Secondhand Hounds found out about him and took him under their care. They estimate he is around 4 years old and appears to be a purebred German Sheppard.

Facebook/Quasi the Great

His unusual appearance is due to a genetic defect called ‘short spine.’ Dogs with this defect often have curled tails and squeezed rib cages with missing ribs. The defect comes with some health problems that may require surgery. There are only 14 known cases of this worldwide, so Quasi really is a special dog.

Facebook/Quasi the Great

There is some good news for Quasi and his carers. There is no pain associated with this deformity, and he and the other dogs suffering from it have the same life expectancy as “normal” dogs.

Facebook/Quasi the Great

Unfortunately for Quasi, he landed in a loveless home with owners who didn’t look into his obvious problem and instead abandoned him as a pup out on the street. His neck is still sore from the collar that buried itself into his skin.

Facebook/Quasi the Great

The animal rescue organization is working to support Quasi, getting him back on four paws and ready to adopt. I’d say his chances of finding a home are pretty high. When a 6-second video of him was released on Facebook, 70,000 people viewed it in a short amount of time. Dozens of potential adopters immediately offered Quasi a new home.

Facebook/Quasi the Great

But Quasi is taking his time. First he has to make a full recovery. His sensitive neck needs to heal and then he’ll be ready to find a loving family to call his own. His carers have no doubt that things will work out for him. The dog’s open, friendly character charm every person who gets the chance to meet this strange small creature. We wish Quasi a speedy road to recovery and hope he lands soon in a loving home!

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